The only 5 tips you need to boss your next cocktail party

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Hosting a cocktail party but have no idea where to start? These five tips are all you need to absolutely boss your next shindig. 

Don’t worry about splashing the cash

  • All the cocktails in my FREE guide to Christmas cocktail making (see below) are made using equipment you’ll likely have in your kitchen – or can pick up cheaply from the supermarket
  • If you don’t have a stash of spirits already in the house, ask people to bring specific types along with them

Match the cocktail type to the crowd

  • Likely to have a number of tee-totallers? Check out my booze-free options, like this Spiced Redcurrant and Rose Smash
  • Are your friends avid gym bunnies? Skinny cocktails don’t need to be lacking: the Flu Fighter is for you.

Fudge it with mixers

  • Good quality mixers are the cheap way to up the quality of your drinks
  • Don’t worry so much about soda and fizzy water, but buy the best tonic water you can afford. Same goes for other mixers like ginger ale
  • Buy more than you think you'll need before your party. A multi-pack of soda can be tucked into a cupboard out of sight – it'll save you running out mid-evening

Stick to a maximum of three drinks – or less

  • If you’re keen to mix cocktails on demand, be sure to stick to fewer than three options
  • For a crowd, my punchbowls are perfect – and surprisingly sophisticated. Try the Boilermaker Punch - plus more retro winners in my free cocktail guide

Garnishes are a minimum-fuss, maximum-impact way to add class

  • Flavoured salt or sugar glass rims are the easy way to enhance or add flavour 
  • Match the garnish to the main flavours of the drink: look at the back label for key botanicals or flavours and  pick them out. For example, Tanquery gin and grapefruit are a match made in heaven, as are spiced rum and candied orange peel slices (you can pick them up at the supermarket in the home baking aisle).
  • For step-by-step instructions on how to create these garnishes and many more, check out my FREE guide below: How To Throw A Holiday Party Like A Bona Fide Adult