Spiced Redcurrant & Rose Smash

I love a stiff drink as much as the next person, but there’s no way I can hammer the hard stuff every day of December without becoming a fully dysfunctional human. That’s where great booze-free options really come into their own.

I think that there's space in everyone's repetoire for a couple of great non-alcoholic options. This picture perfect drink is guaranteed to win a spot. With pretty floral-spicy Middle Eastern flavours and moreish spice from the redcurrants - prepare your Insta filters.

Spiced redcurrant and rose smash

Serves 1

2 sprigs of redcurrants (about 1 tbls frozen berries)

½ shot rose and black pepper syrup

Soda water

Peychauds Bitters (or other Creole bitters blend)

1 giant ice cube

  1. Heat the redcurrants in a ramekin in 30 second blasts in the microwave until they burst
  2. Mash and then sieve out the seed
  3. Combine the redcurrant purée and rose and black pepper syrup in the base of the glass and mix
  4. Add the ice cube, soda and 2 healthy shakes of the bitters and stir

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