Skinny Cocktails for Christmas

Christmas and New Year are a minefield for anyone who has to watch their weight a little. There’s so much yummy stuff around at this time of year, (if you can say no to Stilton we can’t be friends) – but there’s no point overindulging if it’s going to make you feel crap about yourself.

I really don’t hold with any sort of diet or lifestyle which preaches exclusion or abstinence, (I’m a paid up member of The Church of Angry Chef) – but these tips, swaps and suggestions are designed to let you have your cake and eat it. Hand in hand with the odd mocktail, so-called ‘skinny’ options are my go-to when my trousers begin to feel a little tight.

Scroll down for my 'skinny' go-to tips, plus three divine cocktail recipes to get your mouth watering.

clementine paloma tequila cocktail (1 of 1).jpg

Clementine Paloma (Para Navidad)

A (completely unfaithful) riff on the Mexican tequila-based cocktail. Deliciously Christmassy. 

Skinny Go-Tos

Pass the Bolly

A glass of champers checks in around 90 calories – a whole lot less than the glass of red you’re toting. Don’t be tempted to switch out for cheaper Prosecco – it’s packed with sugar. Consider this your excuse to demand the best this Christmas. You’re welcome.

Soda water is your friend

A grand total of zero calories – and the perfect way to top up your drinks. Addicted to tonic water? I like to half-and-half it with good quality tonic and soda. You’ll still get your quinine kick.

Homemade ancho chilli vodka cocktail - chilli vodka, olive brine with olive garnish (1 of 1).jpg

Chilli Vodka Rocks

This puppy has fire in her belly. Make simple chilli vodka yourself by steeping a dried ancho chilli in vodka overnight.

Spice it up

If you’re watching your weight, you’ll know spice is a surefire way to pack in the flavour with zero consequence. It’s just the same with drinks. Think strong, spicy flavours like chilli and ginger.

The bar-cart must-have

I use bitters all the time – even just to spice up a glass of fizzy water. (Try Badoit with Creole bitters and lime. It is seriously, weirdly amazing). They’re also the perfect way to add depth to your drinks: skip the sugary cranberry juice and drink your vodka on the rocks with grapefruit bitters. Divine.

Stick to single serves

It may sound like an obvious one, but lots of cocktails contain more than a single unit of alcohol. An innocuous Martini can have up to five shots in it, depending on the establishment. FIVE! When ordering or mixing a drink, scale down the quantities to a max of two measures per drink, and drink them short, over ice – it means you’ll consume a whole lot less in the same amount of time.

flu fighter cocktail with rum, ginger juice and lime (1 of 1).jpg

The Flu Fighter

For when you refuse to let sniffles stop the party. Fiery, spicy, it's one for the brave!

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