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A Little Of What You Fancy

It seems like everyone has a newsletter these days - and there are plenty of crap ones out there just waiting to clog up your spam filter.

But there are also some really great ones which I look forward to reading more than anything else that lands in my inbox of a typical week. I subscribe to a huge variety. To funny ones, thoughtful ones, ones which are just glorified listicals - I could go on. They all have one thing in common: they speak to a part of me which misses blogs the way they used to be. Outpourings of private thoughts. 

To give you an idea of what you can expect from mine, A Little Of What You Fancy - it's just that. I little of what I fancy, anyway.... 

I like to read a mix of serious articles, whimsical, creative pieces, recipes, food reviews, drinks suggestions etc. So that's exactly what I've tried to give you.

If you'd like to subscribe, (big smooches from me if you do!) you can sign up below.

In the meantime - that pretty-as-a-peach photo at the top? The recipe for that baby's in Issue 1.

Happy reading!

A Little Of What You Fancy

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