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April 4th Prosecco

In brief, there's currently a legal and moral question hanging over the right of Australian wine makers to use the word Prosecco on bottles of Aussie-made sparkling wine made with the Prosecco, or Glera, grape.

Dr Jamie Goode gives a great assessment of the argument here and here and in this Twitter thread.

April 5th Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc

Acidity loves acidity!

This article covers some wine pairings for the acid bomb of the salad bowl; tomatoes.

April 6th Vodka rocks with bitters

An opera about American football. Yup. You'll need vodka for this one.

April 7th Cider and oysters

Craft cider? This podcast from Interpreting Wine is a must listen.

cam tea in bed (1 of 1).jpg

April 9th Camomile tea

See pics below for instruction on how to build a Medieval love seat with camomile.

Also this article has a nice break down of the history of plant symbolism.


April 10th Bitters {and badoit} 

This is THE comprehensive guide to all the best kinds of bitters and what to do with them.

You can also read a potted history of bitters here.

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April 11th Clos Rougeard Brèze

TBC: am desperately trying to remember the name of the somm who is wonderful. 

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April 12th Grand Faurie la Rose

Check out the #bordeaux hashtag on Instagram and Twitter for an insight into this year's Bordeaux en primeur tastings.