The #myliquidlife Challenge

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My latest column for was about wine on social media. I won't rehash the article, (if you'd like to read the original piece you can find it on Tim's website or here); but I have been inspired to take a closer look at how I, personally, use social media to talk about wine.

I want to try and use social media to talk about wine in a different way - a way that appeals to people who would never engage with a wine-review and bottle-shot focussed account. Drinking and enjoying wine is, generally, part of a wider lifestyle: I firmly believe that people care more about how a wine makes them feel that how it tastes. 

So I've set myself a challenge to try and reflect this feeling-story-experience orientated approach.

#myliquidlife is a challenge I've set myself for the duration of the month {April}, to share the stories of the drinks which have shaped me.

Alcoholic, non-alcoholic; wine, spirits, teas - my enjoyment (or hatred!) of certain drinks is heavily influenced by memory. #myliquidlife will give me the opportunity to share the stories behind these drinks - and to explore how the experience of drinking can be visually represented. 

I'll be sharing mainly via Instagram but would like to make it as interactive a challenge as possible. So, if you'd like to join in, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Turn on post notifications on Instagram
  2. Follow along via Twitter as all posts will be linked there too
  3. Check out my stories on a regular basis - I'll be chatting about the challenge there regularly
  4. Stay tuned for a *podcast* on the subject
  5. Share the stories of the drinks that have shaped you using the tag #myliquidlife