Chilli Vodka Rocks

Homemade ancho chilli vodka cocktail - chilli vodka, olive brine with olive garnish (1 of 1).jpg

Love a Martini? Me too – but given that serves are typically (dangerously) generous, it’s easy to consume your daily units in a single drink.

Just as with low-cal food, spice is your best friend here.

I make my own chilli vodka by steeping one dried ancho chilli in good-quality vodka overnight. It makes a deliciously sweet and mellow drink, with the perfect amount of spice.

Chilli Vodka Rocks

Serves 1

2 shot chilli vodka

1 shot green olive brine

1 giant ice cube

  1. Stir the vodka and olive brine together and chill
  2. Put the giant ice cube in your glass and pour the mix over
  3. Stir gently
  4. You can make this long by topping up with soda

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