Boilermaker Punch

Way back in October you had a few too many glasses of wine with your flatmates and made the heady decision to host your first ever 'grown up' Christmas cocktail party. Several Paperless Post credits later, you're apparently promising 'Festive Frolics and Christmas Cocktails' to 60 of your nearest and dearest friends - BYOB not necessary.


Your last paycheck went on sparkly shoes because #Christmas and the closest you've ever come to 'mixology' is the infamous episode with the Malibu and white wine 'spritz' when you were 15.

Enter: a proper punch.

A ‘boilermaker’ is a cocktail in the loosest sense of the term – usually just a beer chaser for a shot of whiskey. Pretty basic – but when you change up your dollar-store whiskey for something a bit more special you’re in for a treat, and your friends will love the novelty of it.

Whip it up in a pretty bowl, jug or a fancy-pants drinks dispenser jar (try this bargain from Wilko), for instant #adulting points.

Boilermaker Punch

Serves 6

6 shots good quality whisky(ey)

2 shots apple purée

4 cups beer (roughly 3 ½ standard bottles – I used Birra Moretti)

Juice ½ lemon

2 large sprigs thyme, crushed

1 cup Cava

  1. Combine the whisky, purée, lemon juice and crushed thyme sprigs in the base of your punchbowl and mix well
  2. Add a few handfuls of giant ice cubes (they'll melt more slowly so dilute your drink less)
  3. Top up with the beer and Cava
  4. Give it another gentle stir and stir garnished with slices of apple and lemon

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