5 ways to finish that bottle of vermouth

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The world's wised up to the greatness of this once-maligned fortified wine. In theory.

It may now come as standard in London bars, but at home we're seemingly still struggling to find a use for it beyond batch-mixed Negronis.

I'm probably biased. Deeply unfashionable though it may be, vermouth was part of the triumvirate of alcohols I was raised on, (the others being a scotch & soda, and the foamy head of my Grandpa's Stella Artois). My Grandma's favourite is Noilly Prat with a dash of tonic. It's now as popular in my family as the inevitable debate about how to pronounce 'Noilly Prat', (I favour a hard 't').

A brief run down...vermouth is a fortified and aromaticised wine. Translation: wine, spiked with brandy, laced with herbs.

Take it dry, enjoy it sweet - it's not just for martinis. Noone really makes those at home anyway. To do so is to realise QUITE how many shots of gin you're consuming in a single gulp.

So - back to the dregs of your bottle. These are my 5 favourite ways to finish it, (Grandmas aside):

  1. The Adonis - not just a fab cocktail name, this 50:50 blend of vermouth rosso to fino sherry (with a dash of orange bitters) is gorgeous⠀
  2. Whack it back neat, à la me.
  3. Top it with tonic - nearly pips white port & tonic from my top spot⠀
  4. Follow the rule of thumb: sweet V with dark spirits, dry V with light⠀
  5. It's phenomenal with cheese boards: the herbal aromatics work wonderfully with pungent hard cheeses