Bulk buying booze: yes or no?

For most people, bulk buying booze, (especially wine), is something they only do for weddings, special birthdays, or any other occasion when they can't really get away with 'BYOB'.

Yeah, it takes up space in your shoe box-sized London flat, and there's always the danger that you or, worse, your flatmates will think its a great opportunity to continue the party after the pub shuts. But I believe that bulk buying, (defining 'bulk' as intentionally buying more than one bottle of wine at a time, not just raiding the supermarket shelves for a party), is one of the keys to successful adulting.

Not only will you always have a bottle of wine to hand at the end of a tough day, but you'll notice your bank balance looking up once you cease trips to the corner shop for £12 bottles of Blossom Hill rosé. I highly rate our wine cupboard, a little treasure trove of vinous delights. On the nights when we fancy a glass, we have a decent selection to choose from - all without having to brave Sainsbury's.

bulk buy (1 of 1).jpg

It's made me more circumspect with my drinking. Living in close proximity to a fully stocked bar and cellar-cum-cupboard has taught me that I no longer need to drink it 'just because it's there'. I've even been known to leave bottles unfinished - unthinkable for my younger self. Every drink is now considered, and inevitably more delicious because brought with consideration of quality rather than whatever's in the end-of-aisle fridge. Plus, it means I get to geek out and play the super-adult, matching wine with the meal when people come over for dinner.

It may not seem much return for the space it takes up, but I implore you to dedicate even the top of a wardrobe to a couple of boxes of the good stuff. I promise, once you go bulk, you'll never go back.