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About Celia

Half Londoner, half country girl, Celia came to wine by accident through a summer job in a vineyard when she was 19. 

Fast-forward nine years, she left her job as senior copywriter for Majestic Wine to launch a site which talked about drinks - specifically to young people.

Celia is also a freelance copywriter and content marketer, writing principally about wine and food (especially DIY kitchen projects). For more information, check out her professional website.

She's also dabbled in recipe development - but you'll have to wait until next year to see the results of that!

A WSET diploma student and qualified Leiths graduate, she believes world peace is totally achievable with the right food and wine pairing. 

All photos are her own unless otherwise credited.

About this site

Millennials. We’re a formidable tribe, right?

Addicted to our phones; attention spans to rival goldfish; chronically self-aggrandising; perennially avoiding the responsibilities of #adulting.

True or not as the above may be, our generation, set to inherit a world fast spinning off its axis, are a hell of a lot of other things too. We’re kind; community-focussed; eco-conscious; politically active, and fundamentally determined to choose the best in every circumstance.

And that includes what we’re drinking.

I’ve worked in the drinks trade in one guise or another since I was 19. A couple of really great things have happened in that time. The trade is no longer the corduroyed sausage-fest it used to be. And writers like Helen McGuinn are talking about wine and other drinks in a fresh way to people who otherwise wouldn’t have been interested.

But still – look for someone directly addressing millennials and you come up tumbleweed. And I don’t think that’s because we’re all too busy sipping on green juice.

So for anyone who’s ever wondered what the hell to show up to a dinner party with the day before pay-day, what’s best to buy in a corner shop emergency, how to look like you know what you’re talking about on a date, what’s the best G&T in a can…this site is for you.

Ready? Pass the corkscrew.

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